How to Setup VPN on MAC OSX - OpenVPN, L2TP VPN on MACOS - VPNLand

Mac OSX VPN Setup Instructions

  • Application
  • Open Vpn
  • L2TP
  • SSTP
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  • Download TunnelBlick Client

  • Start “TunnelBlick”. Double-click to begin.
  • Press “I have configuration files”
  • Press “Check for a change”
  • Press “Check Automatically”
  • Press “+” to add OVPN Configuration
  • Download OpenVPN config files from your Client Area. URL of the Client Area is here:
  • Double click on one of the downloaded config files
  • Press “Only Me”
  • Select OpenVPN location and then press “Connect”
  • Type your VPN credentials in the pop-up window. Press “Save in Keychain”. Press “OK”
  • VPN is now Connected
  • To disconnect from VPNLand OpenVPN press on Tunnelblick in the top right corner and press “Disconnect”
  • Open “System Preferences”
  • Click “Network”
  • Press “+” “Add a new Service”
  • Press “VPN”
  • “VPN Type” – L2TP Over IPSec. “Service name” – Blacklogic or VPNLand VPN
  • “Server Address” – VPN Server address (the server list is available in your Client Area). “Account name” – your VPN username. Press “Authentication Settings”
  • “Password” – your VPN password. “Shared Secret” – pre-shared secret key. VPN Credentials and shared secret information are available in the Client Area
  • Check “Show VPN Status…”, and Press “Advanced”
  • In “Options” tab check “Send all traffic over VPN connection”
  • To connect press “Connect”
  • VPN is now Connected. To disconnect press “Disconnect”