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Oman VPN

Use the internet how you want in Oman with an Oman VPN Account

Oman VPN – If you travel to or live in Oman you understand the limitations of its internet. Across the Middle East restrictions are similar, rooted in governmental policy. As the number of people inside Oman’s borders using the internet rose, so did the level of restrictions. In fact, these restrictions are only a recent development which has increased the need for VPNs in the area. Residents, visitors and expatriates cannot use VoIP applications like Skype, Viber and Line2 to make affordable phone calls. Nor can they visit websites like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Blogger and WordPress. Most of the dialogue on the internet in fact takes place on these websites. Why shouldn’t the people of Oman join in on the conversation?

Fortunately with VPNLand VPN there is a way around internet restrictions in Oman. In addition to providing you the security and privacy you expect when online, VPNs from VPNLand VPN mask your IP address with one of our own. So even though you’re in Oman on business, you can still connect to VPNs located nearby in Europe and receive all associated privileges. VoIP applications like Skype become available for calls, the entire internet becomes accessible particularly the social media websites, and since you’re information is encrypted and decrypted as it enters and exits your virtual private network, you remain anonymous and safe from data sniffers.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. The internet is available to everyone, but it’s extremely unsafe as far as privacy and security are concerned. Your data can too easily be collected by data sniffers and hackers alike in Oman and across the world. Once collected, your data may be used against you in any number of ways such as to market to you, steal your identity or gain access to your personal online accounts. VPNs provide you a new IP address to hide your identity but also give you your own private piece of the internet in which to work. Regular encryption from Wi-FI networks and other services, if it’s even provided, is spotty at best. Don’t trust your personal data to just any VPN service, let VPNLand VPN take your mind off privacy and security so you can get back to enjoying the internet — blocked websites and media content, restricted VoIP applications like Skype and much more.

VPNLand VPN is the best VPN provider for Oman

The residents of Oman, along with visitors and expatriates are frustrated with governmental restrictions of their internet usage. It’s not surprising, given that Oman actively tracks the content its citizens are viewing online — privacy and security simply are not available in the country without a VPN. Furthermore, any website or application which conflicts with governmental interests is quickly blocked. Even independent news organizations, which provide unsanctioned viewpoints, are restricted. VPNLand VPN believes everyone deserves to use the tool that is the internet for education, entertainment and business. That’s why Blacklogic creates some of the most unique VPNs in the industry.

Every VPN user needs three things from their provider: high-quality technology, incredible customer service and a wide-reaching VPN network — VPNLand VPN delivers all this and more. Our 700+ servers placed around the globe ensure that no matter where you are, there is a server nearby to handle your internet activity. Our support staff is available any time, year-round, knowledgeable and friendly because they understand how important it is to keep your VPN experience consistent. Finally, the technology behind our VPNs is cutting-edge. VPNLand VPN has been an established VPN provider since 2006, proud of its commitment to quality and well-deserved reputation.