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Почему VPN

Почему VPN?

VPNs mask your IP address by assigning a new one and keep your information secure and private by only allowing you into your private piece of the internet. Information is encrypted and decrypted as it exits and enters your virtual private network. There are many uses for VPNs or virtual private networks. Generally the first concern of users is privacy and security, which is the most basic feature of VPNs. Before online streaming content like movies and television shows became so popular that they were blocked by parent countries, privacy and security was still threatened online.

Today, identity thieves and data sniffers run rampant across the unprotected internet. Instead of becoming more secure, local internet connections have become less secure, increasing the need for VPNs. Though popular with travelers due to geotagging restrictions, anyone can benefit from using a VPN, particularly as governments, corporations and other entities increase their tracking of online browsing for marketing and other unknown purposes.

Uses for a VPN
  • Watch movies and TV content like Hulu, Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Browse the without risking your personal information
  • Access blocked websites
  • Use VoIP applications like Skype

Choosing a VPN Provider

Do a quick Google search and you’ll quickly find the list of VPN vendors is hardly lacking. So how do you cut through the clutter and get the best VPN for you wallet as well as your needs? Blacklogic VPN makes it easy to choose with a variety of VPN service packages that suite all needs. While other providers dole out sluggish SSL VPNs, while Blacklogic only supplies reliable and speedy virtual private networks.

Global – Global VPNs allow you to use a VPN in any country, rather than a single country — best for travelers and international businesspeople.

Premium – If you’re constantly playing games and streaming content — movies, music, TV shows — you need enough speed to support your activity, which our premium VPNs offer up to 1 Gbit/sec.

VPN Router – Blacklogic VPNs are great standalone services, but they’re speed is unrestricted with our preconfigured wireless VPN routers.

Geo-Specific – If you only travel to select destinations, or if you’re a traveler who wants content from your home country abroad, geo-specific routers are perfect. We provide them for the US, UK, Canada, amongst many others

Choosing a VPN Provider

Many times, even if you are concerned about public Wi-Fi security, you still have to use said network. The ability to connect to the internet at any time is simply a requirement for everyday life. But this means more people than ever are connecting to unsecured networks, spreading their information across the internet without knowing who might be tracking.

With a VPN from Blacklogic you can simply connect to Wi-Fi hotspots from your laptop, tablet or mobile device. You don’t have to sacrifice the seamless movement you are accustomed to making between a variety of internet-compatible devices. Our setup instructions are easy to understand and compatibility ranges across all devices from PCs to Apple to Android.
Get a Blacklogic VPN today and experience how easy to is to use the internet privately, securely and without restrictions