How to Unblock Skype in Dubai, UAE with VPN

How to Unblock Skype in UAE/Dubai with VPN

Skype is an essential VoIP application for business and personal communication around the world. Audio and video calling provides cheap or free phone calls for billions of users every year. Skype is by far the most popular, most ubiquitous VoIP calling application available. This is no different in the UAE/Dubai where a large amount of international business is conducted via Skype due to its low cost and convenience — anyone with a webcam can join in. If you are unable to use Skype due to geographical restrictions you are simply left out of a large conversation. Furthermore, from many countries international calling is prohibitively expensive. Without Skype a large number of users are unable to place calls. VPNLand VPNs or virtual private networks let you unblock Skype and rejoin the conversation. Your local IP address, which has restrictions, is masked by our VPN to look like an IP address from a non-restricted country, thereby making the media content, VoIP applications and websites you love available once again.

Why you need a VPN to unblock Skype in the UAE/Dubai

Without a VPN your identity is left out in the open, for anyone to see. Your communications aren’t secure, and if you’re in a restricted area you can’t even access Skype. You have to change your identity before you can trick filters into letting you use the internet your way.

Unfortunately the restrictions and filters in the UAE/Dubai are considered very strict. The UAE works to prevent competition for the two only local communications providers Du and Etisalat, so VoIP applications like Skype are not allowed. But you don’t have to worry about these restrictions with a VPN from VPNLand. Skype is a very useful service and you deserve access.

How do VPNLand VPNs unblock Skype?

When you access the internet your ISP marks your location; this is called geotagging. It’s the only way parts of your internet activity can be restricted because all filters and restrictions on internet content relate to geography. Essentially countries don’t want their content shared in order to provide maximum revenue for the copyright holders, or to limit the communication of unwanted topics. As a result all you have to do is alter your geotagging with a VPN from VPNLand which lets you choose from 350 servers all around the world. A Global VPN account allows you to even travel from country to country unimpeded. Boost your experience with a VPN router so you can use Skype from your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone seamlessly.

VPNLand is the best VPN for Skype in UAE/Dubai

VPNLand VPN is in sync with the Skype needs of users in the UAE/Dubai. You just want to chat with your family and handle business with ease, like you’ve become accustomed to in other countries without VoIP application restrictions. However, VPNLand VPN also understands it may be hard to find a country at all to which you travel that allows Skype — in addition to the UAE, Tunisia, Brazil, Oman, Qatar, Belize, Caribbean and the KSA also do not allow the use of VoIP applications. For those who travel to many of these countries regularly a Global VPN would be best because it permits unrestricted and seamless Skype usage from country to country. For other customers VPNLand VPN offers 700+ servers to choose from located around the world.